Pontifical Mission Society

At Baptism, new Christians are anointed with holy oil and become members of the Church, sharing in Christ’s priestly, kingly and prophetic vocation. The newly baptized also inherit a mandate from Christ to be his witnesses before the world and to proclaim his Gospel by word and example. It seems hard to believe that there are still billions of people who have not yet heard the “Good News” of Jesus. That is why the Pontifical Mission Aid Societies exist in the Church: namely, to promote mission awareness among the baptized and support for the spread of the Gospel. The Diocese of Birmingham has been blessed with generous and faithful people who respond with sacrificial generosity to these mission aid societies. Since the Missions Office began in the diocese in, countless missionaries have benefited from the prayers and support offered year after year. Thank you for answering the call to the ‘missionary spirit’ through your support of this holy work of the Church.